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Being World’s First ICT Advocacy company, the primary focus of Astringe Infosystems is to help Individuals and Business partners to Master and Promote Enterprise Solutions (ES) and secure Innovative Products (IP) with research-based applications in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain.

With over 20 years of combined experience in ICT domain, we have partnered with renowned ICT Advocates to assist Individuals (Scholars, Professionals, Executives, etc.) and Business partners – Resellers (Digital marketers, Digital marketing agencies, etc.), Educational Institutions (Training centers, Colleges, etc.) and other Organizations (Small, Medium and Large Enterprises) – with research-based applications of Enterprise Solutions (ES) and secure Innovative Products (IP).

Astringe Infosystems - Promoter Qualifications


Organization promoters have both qualifications and expertise in the implementation of enterprise products and data analytics including client requirement gathering, analysis and design of enterprise product, verification, and promoting them to clients for the delivery along with after-sales support.

Our promoters have wide exposure to Customer relationship management, Human resource management, Supply chain management, Retail including Sales and Marketing of various Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) using Digital marketing initiatives.

Arun Karnik, Managing Director

Arun Karnik is an astute Mentor and Transformer in the ICT domain with over 12+ years of experience. He provides frequent ICT Advocacy sessions to Individuals and Business partners in Enterprise Solutions. With his passion for Licensing of ICT, he was invited for the WIPO Summer school training program and Digital Masters Conference Seminar to share and promote research-based use-cases of ICT licenses.

He holds an Engineering and MBA degree from NIBM, Chennai. He also participated in the Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (PG-DEED) and secured approved certifications on the Internet of Things (IoT), Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Economic Data Modelling (EDM) from Ni-MSME, Hyderabad.

Ramya Bhat, L & D and HR Director

Ramya Bhat is a passionate HRM Professional with 10+ years of experience in the Learning & Development (L & D) and Human Resources (HR) domain. She likes to train and mentor her juniors and helps to bridge knowledge gaps among peers. With practical knowledge in major ICT MNCs, she is a go-to person for any kind of HR management issues.

She holds an Engineering degree from SDM, Dharwad. She started her career as a Lecturer in B.V.B. College of Engineering, Hubli, and worked in various ICT MNCs with extensive exposure in Training, Skill Development, and Human Capital Management (HCM) fields. She is a passionate Consultant and possesses qualified certificates from Oracle in the HCM domain.