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ASTRINGE INFOSYSTEMS is the World’s First ICT Advocacy Company which helps Individuals & Business partners to Master & Promote Enterprise Solutions and secure Innovative Products with research-based applications in Information and Communication Technologies domain. Being World’s First ICT Advocacy Company, Astringe® is a Pioneer in the Digital Research, IP Promotions, and Data Insights field. We are currently ranked #1 as ‘World’s First ICT Advocacy Company’ by Google Search results.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the ICT domain, we have partnered with passionate ICT Advocates who help Individuals and Business partners to achieve their goals. With our vast practical expertise, we not only help them in Mentoring how to build an Innovative Product but also Advocate them on how to Promote using Enterprise-grade Applications to succeed.

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Astringe Infosystems - Vision

There is a paradigm shift in the way we learn, practice, and educate others. The learning-from-home mode has abruptly changed the roles of Educators, Professionals, and Scholars alike.

We built an Innovative Product: IPArcadeTM that assists you to master, promote, and extract amazing insights using the latest technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Automation (DA), and others. Built on the latest AI platform, it offers you LIVE mentoring sessions and a personalized learning path. We provide Innovative Projects & assist with Creative Marketing Strategies to promote them.

While we thrive to adopt full-scale digital technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Automation (DA) have been the main catalysts in our growth.

Note: Due to an increase in demand, we are optimizing our operations with increased Virtual sessions and smart Delivery practices.

Some of the salient features of IPArcade include:

* Blended Learning (Digital Mentoring)

* Digital Exchange (E-Merchandising)

* Info Vision (Data Analytics)

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